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Category:Disk operating systems Category:Disk cloningHello everyone! Here’s some good news for fans of RuneScape old school content – the game’s official Twitter has just announced that the much-loved Castles & Crusades dungeon will be returning on Friday 15th April, on live servers! We are finally reintroducing a dungeon that is quintessentially old school RuneScape: Castles & Crusades! Get ready to discover a new path to adventure! Read more: pic.twitter.com/qh2wVDPgQk — RuneScape (@Jagex) April 12, 2018 Fans of the classic dungeon will remember that this was one of the very first new content update for RuneScape back in 2010 – if you fancy taking part in some old school old school adventuring, you can find out more about the official RuneScape Twitter’s explanation of the new Castles & Crusades release here. As is usual for this type of event, there will be a maximum level limit of 50 players (for most content) and in order to make sure that the level limit is enforced in the event, you’ll need to have the game update to version on your RuneScape client when you launch the game, with the update being available from the in-game store. There will also be a special mode for the Castles & Crusades dungeon where, to ensure a level 50 cap, those who are in range of the door which leads to the dungeon will be unable to enter until they have already completed the dungeon. This will ensure a more fair playing field for the hardcore newbie, but you’ll also need to be aware that new players won’t have access to all the content in the dungeon, just as they would in the new content updates. In case you’re wondering, Castles & Crusades is a collection of five new dungeons set in the iconic old school RuneScape setting which you can tackle alone or with up to four friends. This release will contain the Dungeon Lords encounter, the Dungeon Fortress, the Dungeon Gnome, the Dungeon Guardian and the Dungeon Pirate’s Lair – though the Dungeon Pirate’s Lair is a special encounter which is only available for the first 100 players to complete the Castles & Crusades release. ac619d1d87

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